Poetry is Just A Song

Abdulmueed Balogun

I feel like dropping everything 
the poems in my archive, I feel
like burning to ashes. 

They're somethings beyond the fringe
of poetry, poetry can't always be a 
pacifier. They're somethings far beyond the cliff of handling of poetry.

I write serenade for grief, yet he persists, 
I write of love, the beautiful side, yet
the scars inflicted by its fangs widen. 

Poetry isn't an elixir, it never was, 

never is and would never be,
poetry is just a song begging to be let out from the cage of our minds.


In Everything, There is A Song

When canaries flap their wings, 

a song comes to life

when trees creak in the wind, a song also escapes from the womb of life.


In everything, there's a latent song,

yearning for the best lips to chant its praises. 


In sorrow, there is a song, the song of lament

in joy, there is a song, the song of hope.


When an eye cries, it becomes an 

a cappella, as tears cascade like a river through its lacrimal, 

it kens thousands of juvenile songs--- longing for muffle.


When someone misplaces his/her coin of hope, a song creeps in like a tendril through the window of his/her heart, the song of forlorn plays like a bard on the lyre of his/her mind.


Everything in its little way is a maestro, 

with latent songs lurking in its throat waiting for the time to be a ripe pomegranate, 

waiting for that lips that shall sing its praises without exchanging the bass for the treble.

Abdulmueed Balogun is a Nigerian Poet and an undergraduate in the University of Ibadan. Writing poetry is a dream come true for him, and every day he strives to stretch his poetic wings. Poetry had changed his perspective of life, and to him, poetry profoundly is a blessing. He was the runner up in the REFORM NAIJA writing contest- "FREEWILL" in November, 2020. His poems have been published/are forthcoming in: Fevers of Mind, Afro Rep, Society of Young Nigerian Writers (SYNW), Headline press and poetry, Tealight Press, Neuro Logical Magazine, The Global Youth Review, W-Poesis and elsewhere.