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about us

Lanke Review is an online literary and art magazine seeking prose, poetry, and art submissions that align with (but not necessarily having to follow) the theme for each issue. We're searching for works that takes us through time, art that sweeps us away, and a voice that rings. We want words rebirthed & grown from memories, and quiet & soulful visuals that make us breathless.

Founded in 2020 by M. He, Lanke Review is dedicated to giving young and new adults a platform. We want to explore the limitless possibilities of the arts throughout time-- whether in the past, present, or future, we want to hear your voice. Send us your mythology retellings and historical fiction. Send us works that blur boundaries.

Together, we can be time travelers.



Poetry and Prose Reader: read over poetry and prose submissions & edit as needed. If interested, readers may also write two pieces for each issue as an addition to the poetry & prose columns.

Staff Artist: designing & providing cover art for each issue and overlooking some social media promotion.  

Translator: if there are accepted submissions in a language outside of English, translators will work closely with the writer & poet to translate their ORIGINAL works if desired. 


We are delighted to welcome you to the Lanke family! Please submit the work that best represents you in the position you want to apply for. The only limit we'd like to set is concerning age; because we are minors ourselves, we would like to establish an age limit of 18 or below. Thank you for respecting us.



Thank you!

Meet M.He


M. He is a writer in the USA. Her works constantly weave belonging, identity, and illusion vs. reality.

Her works are published & forthcoming in several literary magazines, and she has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, as well as One Teen Story.

If you want to say hi to M. He, feel free to reach out to her on Twitter at @lankereview! She would love to hear what you've got to say about anything ranging from the arts to K-pop to cake mixes.

Meet Mister Panda


You may find Mister Panda crunching on stardust and bamboo from dusk to dawn. Mister Panda, like his co-founder, enjoys dabbing his paws in paint and blowing up a kitchen. His go-to spot is on the couch, the ideal location to look over submissions and drink coffee.

If you want to say hi to Mister Panda, you may find him at @lankereview as well! He greatly appreciates drawings of adorable pandas such as himself and anything Shakespeare.

V. Faust

Poetry Reader

V. Faust is a teen poet and writer from the US. She typically writes about nostalgia and the past: her poems often explore a reflection of memories that she longs for or simply looks back on fondly. As an avid poetry writer and reader, she jumps at the opportunity to see others' writing and loves giving advice as a means for improvement.




Nour is a seventeen-year-old translation student in college. He is fluent in English, French, and Arabic.  He currently translates for a human rights nonprofit that advocates for free legal services for asylum applicants & other refugees.

"I believe that art that transcends time can also transcend language barriers, and I would love to help artists bridge cultural fault lines in any way I can."

Z. Reay-Ellers

Poetry Reader

Zoe Reay-Ellers is a teen writer from Washington. Her favorite word is Archipelago, and she loves trees, hiking, gardening, and all things outdoors. Her work has appeared in a number of different places, including The Heritage Review, the Eunoia Review, and the Rising Phoenix Review. 

Trini Rogando

Poetry Reader

Trini Rogando is a Filipino high-schooler from Arlington, Virginia. Her poems have been published in Second Chance Lit, the National Poetry Quarterly, and Kalopsia Lit, among others. If she's not scribbling down half-formed poems, you'll most likely find her procrastinating on physics homework or fiddling with four marimba mallets. She wants to remind everyone to not take life too seriously; no one ever gets out alive. Find her at https://trinirogando.carrd.co.