immigrant mother reminds you

Daniel Liu

with sticky fruits, how the seafoam crumbles
how quickly sand dissipates.
with the burst of sweetened color, she cries
how high a mountain really is.
the boat that night was on rocky waters
but it was a star-drenched night still.
I take a bite of that night. I take a bite
of all the things before that night and
revel in all the days after.
a mango is a memoir of all that was ruined
a honeydew slice is a poem about
all the things that
fell into the waters that night.
all the things that
never made it.

Daniel Liu (he/him) is a student and poet in Central Florida. His family is originally from Fuzhou, China and he has lived in Orlando for the majority of his life. When he isn’t writing, you can find him playing Bach on the cello or prepping for debate tournaments. You can find his other works in Cathartic Youth Literary, By Any Other Name, and upcoming in Paper Crane Journal.