The Value of Lightness (1-3)

Ally Zlatar

the value of lightness (1-3).jpg
the value of lightness (2-3).jpg
the value of lightness (3-3).jpg

I scream into the darkness

i scream into the darkness.jpg

Ally Zlatar holds a BFA in Visual Art & Art History from Queen's University & an MLitt Curatorial Practice from the Glasgow School of Art. Currently, she is pursuing her Doctorate of Creative Arts with the University of Southern Queensland. She has dualistic experience as a Curator/ Artist and has been involved in many projects and galleries globally. Ranging from projects with such galleries as Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Hunterian Art Gallery & Glasgow's Centre for Contemporary Art.  She is exploring her artist practice as a methodology that suggests the human condition is more complex than it is currently understood. Using primarily painting, she examines, instigates and provokes notions of the individual experience through specifically focusing on philosophical discourse, body image, embodiment & ethics.